Why You Should Choose Matt K Training!

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Looking for some help with your exercise training? Here are some reasons to consider Matt K Training.

Flexible to preferences
I meet you where you are, whether you are just beginning your exercise journey, returning from a layoff, or already fit and active. Not comfortable in a crowded gym? There are options, such as less crowded times at the gym, semi-private training areas (just Trainers and their clients), and remote options to choose from.

Tailored programs
Your exercise program will be tailored to your needs and goals, not “canned” or fad-fitted from a trendy fitness mag. The exercises in your routine will be strategically, purposefully, and sequentially planned to help you succeed, not simply inserted because others do it.

No budget constraints
Do you have a tight schedule or a tight budget? There are a variety of offerings, including parallel training, one on one, remote, with monthly, weekly, twice weekly, or even thrice weekly meeting options.

Access to “the Boss”
You will be working directly with the Owner of Matt K Training (a.k.a. me) without having to go through or around others to be heard. I will ensure your questions and concerns are addressed and that you are satisfied with the service.

Professional experience
My background is unique, as I have 20 years of professional experience (long enough to have seen fads come and go) and ten years of academic experience, specifically teaching and performing exercise science research (I have advanced degrees to show for it!). I have a deep well to draw from and would be pleased to do so to help you succeed.

As a leading certified personal trainer/ nutritionist in Northampton, MA, I will exceed your expectations. 

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