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Stuck at home? Let’s make the best of it, We all know that what we eat has a profound impact on our health, as well as physical and mental performance. Is your diet helping you achieve your health-related goals, or is it hindering you? Regardless of your goal, as your Nutrition Coach, I will work with you to make sure that your diet and eating habits are contributing to your success. We’ll work remotely via a combo of phone/virtual/and email. I’ve limited spots, so apply today!

Now offered remotely, limited spots available

  • Through this highly personalized program, I help you:
  • Is Nutrition Coaching for me?
  • What’s included in the program?
  • Identify the unique factors, resistance, and/or misinformation affecting your  ability to eat well
  • Determine, based on your lifestyle, age, sex, and personal goals, an estimate of your energy expenditure, as well as an appropriate macronutrient distribution
  • Develop strategies to improve your nutrition and get you where you want to be
  • Integrate other aspects of your lifestyle into your plan, such as physical activity, sleep, and tobacco use  
  • Improve motivation
  • Remain accountable to yourself
  • Take charge of your lifestyle!

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As your Nutrition Coach,

I am a professional who serves as a nutritionist, guide, mentor, and motivator. Rather than handing you a diet plan and saying “have at it”, I will help you put a step-wise plan together. I will help you implement it into your life, and stick with you even after you achieve success to help make sure its permanent. As we work together you will flex and improve your ability to make smart, healthy decisions for yourself. You will emerge with more confidence and satisfaction knowing that, perhaps for the first time in a long while, your eating, and lifestyle habits are all in line with your true goals.

This is for you if:

  • you are tired of starting again (and again, and….).
  • you’re unsure of what you should be eating
  • you’re “stuck” or not making progress
  • you have trouble sticking with a plan and/or being consistent
  • you strictly limit foods you like
  • you are looking for some extra accountability
  • you are looking for a strong, effective plan to support your physically active/exercise goals
  • you are looking to make permanent changes

Certified Personal Trainer Northampton

Live Meetings

Up to 4 meetings the first month

2-3 meetings per month ongoing

Meeting are virtual or via phone, your choice!

E-mail check-in’s

Follow-ups for each live meeting

Weekly “check-in” forms

Anonymous “Feedback” forms


Helpful “how to..” handouts

you’re unsure of what you should be eating

Activity sheets to compliment our sessions

Use of an advanced diet/exercise/biometric tracker

Healthy recipes


Certified Personal Trainer Northampton

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The cost of the program is $189/month. There is a six-month minimum commitment and spots are limited.

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Services Include: Exercise Training | Nutrition Coaching

Matt K Training provides Nutrition Coaching across Northampton, Springfield, Palmer, Blandford, Greenfield, Deerfield, Amherst, Chicopee, and the surrounding areas.

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