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Here you will find information about my Personal Training Services. If you’d like more info about me, feel free to click on the “about me” tab at the top of the page. Briefly I:

  • am a dedicated professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness and quality of life.
  • deliver the latest evidenced-based techniques in exercise science, cardio programs and strength training.
  • provide individualized, effective, and safe fitness, weight loss and nutrition programs for adults.
  • enjoy working with active adults who wish to improve their health and physical performance

Wondering if personal training is for you?

Are you looking to?

  • Move better
  • Improve health
  • Manage weight
  • Get stronger
  • Prepare for competition
  • Train smarter
  • Stay fit
  • Try something new?

You can benefit from Personal Training! Keep scrolling for some benefits a Trainer can provide!

Personal Training Northampton

Want to know if we’re a good fit? Let’s schedule a free discovery call, click on the MKT phone below for contact info! Not sure? Keep scrolling!

Personal Training Northampton

What can a Personal Trainer do for you?

  • Provide a pathway- Construct a personalized physical activity regimen aligned with your personal goals and desires
  • Technique – Make sure you are performing exercises properly
  • Be real – Help you set realistic goals and expectations
  • Educate – Learn how your body responds to different types of exercise, what types of exercises work best for you, and how your body improves and adjusts over time
  • Motivate – be in your corner every step of the way pushing you and challenging you to do your best
  • Listen – this is “personal” training, I listen to you non-judgmentally, and in confidence
  • Keep you honest – It can be tough to stick to your goals and routines but you are more likely to do so if you have a Personal Trainer holding you accountable!
  • Get you ready – You will train more efficiently and make greater progress, faster than you would on your own.
Nutrition Coaching Northampton

Personal Training Services

Remote Personal Training

Online Personal Fitness Trainer in Northampton, MA

Online training is a new and exciting way to offer health and fitness guidance you can utilize from anywhere, offering:

  • convenience,
  • responsiveness,
  • flexibility, and
  • affordability

Cost: $189/month

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Personal Training – In person

Traditional one-to-one training

I’ll meet you in person at the Northampton Athletic Club. We’ll do a brief assessment, set some goals and get to work! A typical session may include training with stability balls, medicine balls, suspension trainers, kettlebells, fixed machines, bands and tubing, body weight and floor exercises.


Parallel Training

New service! Parallel Training. Split your training session with another person. You’ll pay less than 1 to 1 training yet still enjoy a moderate level of individualization and attention from your Trainer. Depending on your goals, MKT offers two different versions:

The two versions of parallel training are:

  • Strength & Power
  • CardioFlex

This session will focus on resistance training to build strength and power. You and up to one other person, under the direction of a trainer, will perform exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, pulley's, selectorized strength machines, bodyweight, and/or floor work. We will generally be using a combination of standard sets or supersets interspersed with rest intervals to encourage gains in muscle size, strength, and power. Most appropriate for folks looking for improvements in sports or work performance, activities of daily living, and/or lean mass (including bone).

Sessions will include a mix of cardio, resistance training, and flexibility. In Cardio Flex you and one other person will be maintaining an elevated heart rate throughout the session as we alternate between cardiovascular work and resistance training and/or mobility/flexibility training. Because this timeslot allows for more than one person, you will have "marching orders" though may be unsupervised for some segments. Best for folks looking to get in shape and/or manage their weight.

Weight Loss Coaching Northampton

Services Include: Exercise Training| Nutrition Coaching

Matt K Training provides Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching across Northampton, Springfield, Palmer, Blandford, Greenfield, Deerfield, Amherst, Chicopee, and the surrounding areas.

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