About Matt K Training

Matthew Kostek - Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in Northampton, MA

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Matt K Training

My philosophy

To empower people to make the changes they wish and achieve success in a healthy, satisfying manner. I do not condone nor practice performance enhancing drugs, supplements nor “fast track” weight management or muscle gaining plans. Additionally, I recommend a healthy dose of skepticism towards any new info, regardless of its source, that promises immediate or profound results. In my experience, being consistent with one’s habits, and having faith in the system is still the best way to build habits and achieve health and fitness goals.

How I work

Through my exercise and nutrition coaching programs, I help people improve their life by:

  1. listening and observing more than talking and lecturing
  2. delivering services with honesty and objectivity.
  3. basing my programs and prescriptions on credible scientific literature and,
  4. customizing to each person’s goals, health history, fitness level, age, and training experience.

Depending on the needs and desires of my personal training clients, a training session with me may include training with stability balls, medicine balls, suspension trainers, kettlebells, fixed machines, bands and tubing, body weight and floor exercises, and/or free weights.