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    Matt is a very good personal trainer with extensive knowledge in fitness, with the degrees and certifications to back it up. I went to him with a specific need: to gain enough strength to meet the demands of my physical job. He knew exactly what to do, and exactly where to start with me based on my low-ish level of fitness. He was never once judgmental about my body or about my level of fitness. He has given me personalized workout plans and stretches so I can continue my progress on my own as well. He also makes every effort to meet my schedule. I highly recommend Matt K!

    Jalen MichalsLevy
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    Matt is comprehensive in his support introducing tools tailored to me to bring to fruition the healthy life I envision for myself. He clearly is greatly knowledgeable in his field. He employs many differents ways to develop a healthy routine by listening attentively to me and providing many different ways to reach the my desired result! I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who wishes to make changes in their life leading to their own vision of a healthy life!

    Tam Ward
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    Matt has been a caring, considerate help on my fitness journey. He has a positive regard that has helped me reach my wellness goals.

    Tam Ward
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    When I signed up for Personal Trainer, Matt was available at the times I desired. He turned out to be the perfect choice. I had to rehab my knee (torn ligaments last winter) and was able to customize exercises to help me get back to skiing again. Matt was easy to work with, very personable, and kept the sessions interesting by changing a little every session. I feel like his help will pay off when this new ski season comes together for me, my knee as well as the rest of me feels stronger. Core strengthening was also helping with overall fitness. I would definitely recommend Matt to others looking for positive fitness results

    Jim Merchant
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    Matt is a kind and attentive trainer who is willing to be flexible to meet your needs. He will help you meet your goals in a sustainable way! I am new to a regular exercise practice and having someone who listens and wants to help is crucial when venturing to try new things! I decided to take a break from training as things got a bit hectic in my life, but I would absolutely work with Matt again.

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    Matt became my Personal Trainer after I experienced a head on auto collision and had been encouraged by my primary physician to enter into recovery training with a Personal Trainer. Matt was very thorough in listening and designing a multi-level training program for me that both encouraged progress but also changed exercises and levels as progress was made. Matt was thoughtful and careful to make adjustments as needed. Six months of training paid off with a full recovery. Matt is a superior Personal Trainer! Well done, Matt!

    Mitch Charkiewicz
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    Matt is personable, easy going, friendly, creative and, most importantly, fun to work with. He always pushes me toward my goal but never forces me past my comfort level. If he feels an exercise is not working right for me, he will stop it and try something different.

    Since I have been working with him (mind you, I am NOT a coordinated person), I have gained muscle (while losing weight), strength, flexibility, and balance. I feel healthier and have a lot more energy. Because of my osteoporosis, my lower back has always been sore, after a month with Matt, my core strength has improved, and my back feels much better, I barely feel any soreness. I am now able to do things around the house, such as lugging the laundry up and down the stairs or climb a ladder and help my husband paint the ceiling, which I was not able to do before.

    His people skills are amazing, He takes the time to listen, which is important to me. I am extremely pleased with the results I have gotten while working with Matt, I look forward to our weekly sessions. He is an excellent personal trainer.

    Elaine Mehigen
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    I started working with Matt as I was preparing for a Boston Qualifying marathon. While a BQ was already a stretch goal for me, I was also struggling with some persistent injuries and muscle imbalance. Matt not only spent time listening and observing, he explained the rationale behind his analysis and recommendations. That's when I knew I wasn't getting a generic strength program, but one that was knowledge-based and designed specifically for me. Matt is engaged and observant in sessions, and ensures that exercises are executed correctly with patient and clear instruction. With Matt's help, I ran that Boston qualifier almost 5 minutes faster than goal time!

    Rachel Fountain
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    I began training with Matt because I wanted to lose weight and get myself in shape. As someone who has had two back surgeries and who has never maintained a consistent fitness routine previously, I was worried about how training would go. Would my trainer push me too hard? Would that cause me to re-injure my back? Matt absolutely understood these concerns and has done a fantastic job with both pushing me at a consistent, reasonable pace while simultaneously building my confidence in my ability to push myself. I started training with Matt because I wanted to lose weight – but what I’ve been most excited about is everything I’ve gained through the process – strength, flexibility and the confidence in myself that I can achieve more and that my weight and back do not need to limit that. Matt was instrumental to this, and I recommend him without reservation.

    Michael Pistone
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    I came to Matt after years of normal adult inactivity, not being as proactive with exercise as I once was. I had never used a personal trainer before so I didn't know what to expect, but the results have been AMAZING. I've been to see Matt 45 minutes, twice a week for the past few months and have lost at LEAST 10 pounds (and keep getting compliments from coworkers). It's not like a high-intensity training montage... just getting your body in shape. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. (He will offer you a complimentary first session if you ask!) Would give 6 stars if it let me!

    Davin Pasek
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    My goal in joining the gym was to strengthen my legs and arms to enable me to return to downhill skiing. I was limited at the time from recent lumbar back surgery and recurring hip pain, as well as plantar fasciitis, so was very concerned about embarking on a very rigorous workout that would result in additional injuries. Matt set me up on a variety of straightforward stretching exercises to build upon the physical therapy received following surgery. He started me with exercises to get my hip joints moving again, balance and core strengthening. He was able to modify those exercises I was having difficulty with and to expand upon those I was accomplishing successfully. He continued to build upon each to add other exercises, additional weights and repetitions.

    He was very cognizant of my limitations and while pushing me to do more and more, he never asked me to continue anything that was causing me pain. Yet he continually added and modified exercises to encourage me to work as hard as I was able. He explained the reasons for each specific exercise and what the goal was. If it was something I just couldn’t do, he threw that out and added something I could handle that would get me to next level.

    With Matt’s guidance, I have strengthened my core, legs and arms and my balance has improved such that I now feel confident that I’ll be back on the ski slopes this winter. His expertise in physical training has helped me tremendously and his easygoing personality and approach to training makes it very easy to communicate and work with him.

    Ethel King
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    Matt set up a training program for me to bike up Mt. Wachusett as quickly as possible, after setting up a program with a combination aerobic and anaerobic bike pieces over a several months I was able to reduce my time up the mountain by 1 1/2 minutes! Matt's combination of literature based prescription and common sense implementation was perfect for what I needed. I would recommend him for not only athletes but also non-athletes looking for researched based results.

    Jon Dooley
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    I had been struggling with weight and was having difficulty balancing my eating and exercise habits with the many other things in my life. This time I knew I needed to do something different, but I wasn’t sure what or how. I approached Matt Kostek for guidance and encouragement. I signed onto his weight management program which included nutrition coaching, as well as personal training. Matt Kostek helped me, first by making me aware of what I was actually doing, that was preventing me from improving my weight (and health), as opposed to what I thought I was doing. We came up with small doable changes in my eating habits, as well as my exercise that I implemented into my lifestyle. I never felt overwhelmed or pushed over the limit. He worked within my unique circumstances and in ways I was comfortable. I learned much and achieved making my health a priority in life. The result was weight loss, increased strength and confidence in myself, and ultimately, a much healthier lifestyle!

    What I liked about Matt was his patience, encouragement and humor. He had the knowledge to back up his recommendations. I found the experience very rewarding. After working with him I had found my balance in life.

    I would recommend Matt Kostek to anyone looking to make a real change in life, who is ready to take the next step. I am so grateful to Matt for helping me and laughing with me too. Sign up now to take the first step.

    Diane Lasher-Penti
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    Matthew Kostek has been my personal trainer for 9 months now. Matthew is an extremely pleasant person and trainer. His personality and mannerisms made me look forward to my workout sessions in spite of me not being a big fan of working out.

    He is a very smart person and his approach to training is scientific and based in continuously updated and validated research. His training is personalized to my goals and abilities. I am very satisfied with the results I have achieved with him.

    The exercise regimen he puts me through is continuously changing and evolving. The results I have achieved are palpable; I have developed increased endurance, increased muscle strength and mass, leaner body and improved overall health.

    I am very picky and only work with the best and he certainly is someone I would highly recommend as a personal trainer.

    Mohamad K
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    MATT KNOWS HIS STUFF! I've been working out with Matt for a while and knew that my eating/drinking habits may be impacting my results. I added on the Nutrition Coaching package and couldn't be more excited about dieting. We went over ALL the details of my normal routine and eating/drinking habits and he put together this FANTASTIC plan that included the amounts of each food group I should be eating a day as well as alternate ideas for snacks and such. IT HAS BEEN SO HELPFUL. He doesn't ask me to do anything crazy with my diet either... just making small changes here and there until I feel comfortable to take the next step. No calorie counting/smoothie diets/eating a cracker for breakfast or any other diet that sets you up to fail. If you're on the fence at all, GIVE HIM A CALL. You won't be disappointed!

    Melt Valcon
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    Matt is well-prepared, terrific at explaining the mechanics of the work we are doing, and offering right amount of encouragement. He always has a Plan B which, as older trainee, I appreciate.

    Kyle Pruett