Wanted: Adults aspiring to eat and move better!

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What the program is: 

MKTeam Fitness and Nutrition Combo is a seven-week small group personal training and nutrition coaching program designed for adults looking to support an active lifestyle.  



You and one to three others (your teammates) will meet at the Northampton Athletic Club twice per week for supervised 45 min exercise training sessions.  At the first session each week, you’ll participate in a 15-minute Nutrition Coaching session where you’ll get “homework” centering on a specific healthy nutrition-related habit.  You’ll be given access to electronic and written tools to help you practice and integrate these healthy habits into your lifestyle!


You will enjoy:

  1. Better movement through Improved strength, flexibility, and/or body composition
  2. New exercises, as well as live coaching to make sure you are doing them right
  3. Learning what foods to eat to support a healthy and active lifestyle
  4. Opportunities to practice and drive consistent, healthy habits into your life
  5. Accountability through regular check ins with Matt (the Instructor) as well as the camaraderie of those on your team
  6. Greater confidence and satisfaction through setting and achieving process and performance goals

All of this and more in one seven-week program!


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More details:

  1. All workouts are 45 minutes in length and will include movement preparation, a workout utilizing various modalities and techniques, and a cool down.
  2. The first session each week will begin with 15 minutes of Nutrition Coaching where a new topic and action will be revealed and discussed, appropriate goals will be set for the next week and any current actions from previous weeks will be reviewed.
  3. You will utilize different tools as well as track your progress through your personal dashboard, accessed remotely throughout the week (via phone, tablet, or computer).
  4. All workouts and nutrition coaching will be created, performed, and implemented by Matt Kostek, Owner of Matt K training. You can learn more about him here
  5. Cost is $497 for the seven week program

Times and location:

Currently filling spots for either the Mon/Wed at noon timeslot or the Tues/Thurs 5 pm timeslot.

All sessions will meet at the Northampton Athletic Club (NAC), annex building (39 Carlton way). The building just behind NAC.


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