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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a weight loss program?
  • What kind of “skills’ and “actions” will we be covering in the Nutrition Coaching sessions?
  • Will we be doing HIIT style workouts, like in say CrossFit?
  • Is this for beginners? Do I need to have experience exercising to do this?
  • Can I sign up with my friend/spouse/partner?
  • What if I must miss a session or two, am I out of luck?
  • Do I have to have a smartphone or computer to do this program?

While you may enjoy some weight loss, this program is not specifically designed for that. Permanent weight loss is accomplished over longer periods of time by undertaking and/or changing habits and behaviors related to how and when we eat, move, and rest. The MKTeam program is a great start if you are looking to begin a weight loss journey (or continue one you are already on). We will cover many of the necessary skills and actions that can encourage weight loss. Seven weeks is a relatively short period of time to lose a significant amount (and to make sure it sticks). If you have been struggling for a long time with this, consider speaking to Matt about it and/or check out the Nutrition Coaching page.

There are many skill based habits we can all implement into our lives that will help us eat in ways that nourish our bodies, help us recover, and perform at our best. These include:

  • Planning, preparing, and prioritizing
  • Managing and regulating emotions without food or eating
  • Providing adequate nutrition (this includes macros, as well as micro nutrients)
  • Matching energy intake (how much we eat) to our needs and goals
  • Awareness, recognition, and adjustment of eating behaviors (how fast, when, why, where, and with what going on whilst we eat)

These skills, like anything else, are practiced through regular daily actions. We will be learning about some of these skills in our sessions and you will be practicing them throughout the ensuing week (or more).

No. While some circuit training may occur (where we perform exercises for specific amounts of time before resting, as opposed to counting repetitions) we will be utilizing adequate rest intervals so that you can perform quality sets and reps. You can expect gains in strength, mobility, endurance, and flexibility, regardless of what your fitness level is at the start of the program.

Beginners as well as veterans have much to gain and enjoy in this program. In a small group training environment, you will enjoy attention from Matt (the Instructor and Trainer) to instruct, demonstrate, coach, and motivate you to get the most from each workout session. If you have never exercised before, nor been in a gym before, you may want to consider a few weeks of personal training before joining.

Spots are first come first serve. If you want to be in the same session as someone else, you both must enroll in it.

Not necessarily. If its early in the week, you may, if there is a spot, be able to jump into another session. However, this must be arranged with Matt in advance. Missing a few sessions over the entire seven weeks however will not impede your success. Even if you miss a session, you will still have access, through your personal dashboard to the workout routines we do in each session, you can perform them on your own time, that way you won’t necessarily miss out. The same for the nutrition “homework”, it will be posted regardless, so you can still participate and practice. What you’ll miss is the explanation, the opportunity to ask questions, as well as the discussion, and in-person interactions with Matt and your team.

Actually, no, it is not required. You can come for the in-person workouts, nutrition sessions and camaraderie, and do your own tracking old school style with pencil and paper. Paper handouts are available for some of the nutrition activities as well.