Achieve Your Health and Performance Goals With MKT Strong Start Nutrition Coaching

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Eating healthy and taking control of your health and wellness can be a daunting task. But with the help of a nutrition coach, you can create a plan that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. Nutrition coaching is a personalized approach to health and wellness, and it can help you reach your goals, whether they are related to weight loss, improved health, or performance.

Long-term goals are achieved in sequential steps, taken strategically over time.  Much like the staircase analogy, each flight of stairs is a series of relevant, repetitive actions (steps) that lead to a landing (aka a mid-range goal).  Each mid-range goal is a sequential, strategic accomplishment, ultimately leading to the main goal (reaching the top).  How much help do you need to reach your goals?  MKT now offers a short-term Nutrition Coaching solution.  The MKT Strong Start Nutrition Coaching program is designed to help you with a single mid-range or performance goal (one that would take a month to achieve).  Whether you are starting from scratch and need a big push or guidance to get started, or need to get unstuck in the middle of your journey, MKT Strong Start will deliver for you. 

In approximately a months’ time, we’ll make sure your goals and current focus are clear and achievable, plan out what you’ll need to move forward, address any challenges, and get you moving along in the right direction.  The MKT Strong Start Nutrition Program is a great way to “try out” Nutrition Coaching without a long-term commitment. 

As a nutrition coach, I help you create and maintain healthy eating habits by providing guidance, knowledge, support, and accountability.  Through one-on-one consultations, I assess your current eating habits, lifestyle, and goals. We’ll then work together to create a plan that is tailored to your individual needs. You’ll practice and adopt skills such as eating intuitively, getting enough nutrients, choosing better foods, moving well, and recovering well, which we’ll employ strategically to help you achieve and maintain the changes you want. 

So what health and performance goals do you have for yourself this year?  How long have you been trying to achieve them?  Why are they important to you?  If it’s been more than a few months and you haven’t been able to make significant progress, or are tired of going on alone, or are unsure exactly what the goal should be, it might be time to get some help.  Let’s chat, I’d love to hear your story.  You can read more about me here, and what others have said here.  Thanks, enjoy your day!