Melt Valcon

Author: Matt K Training |

MATT KNOWS HIS STUFF! I've been working out with Matt for a while and knew that my eating/drinking habits may be impacting my results. I added on the Nutrition Coaching package and couldn't be more excited about dieting. We went over ALL the details of my normal routine and eating/drinking habits and he put together this FANTASTIC plan that included the amounts of each food group I should be eating a day as well as alternate ideas for snacks and such. IT HAS BEEN SO HELPFUL. He doesn't ask me to do anything crazy with my diet either... just making small changes here and there until I feel comfortable to take the next step. No calorie counting/smoothie diets/eating a cracker for breakfast or any other diet that sets you up to fail. If you're on the fence at all, GIVE HIM A CALL. You won't be disappointed!