Elaine Mehigen

Author: Matt K Training |

Matt is personable, easy going, friendly, creative and, most importantly, fun to work with. He always pushes me toward my goal but never forces me past my comfort level. If he feels an exercise is not working right for me, he will stop it and try something different.

Since I have been working with him (mind you, I am NOT a coordinated person), I have gained muscle (while losing weight), strength, flexibility, and balance. I feel healthier and have a lot more energy. Because of my osteoporosis, my lower back has always been sore, after a month with Matt, my core strength has improved, and my back feels much better, I barely feel any soreness. I am now able to do things around the house, such as lugging the laundry up and down the stairs or climb a ladder and help my husband paint the ceiling, which I was not able to do before.

His people skills are amazing, He takes the time to listen, which is important to me. I am extremely pleased with the results I have gotten while working with Matt, I look forward to our weekly sessions. He is an excellent personal trainer.