Diane Lasher-Penti

Author: Matt K Training |

I had been struggling with weight and was having difficulty balancing my eating and exercise habits with the many other things in my life. This time I knew I needed to do something different, but I wasn’t sure what or how. I approached Matt Kostek for guidance and encouragement. I signed onto his weight management program which included nutrition coaching, as well as personal training. Matt Kostek helped me, first by making me aware of what I was actually doing, that was preventing me from improving my weight (and health), as opposed to what I thought I was doing. We came up with small doable changes in my eating habits, as well as my exercise that I implemented into my lifestyle. I never felt overwhelmed or pushed over the limit. He worked within my unique circumstances and in ways I was comfortable. I learned much and achieved making my health a priority in life. The result was weight loss, increased strength and confidence in myself, and ultimately, a much healthier lifestyle!

What I liked about Matt was his patience, encouragement and humor. He had the knowledge to back up his recommendations. I found the experience very rewarding. After working with him I had found my balance in life.

I would recommend Matt Kostek to anyone looking to make a real change in life, who is ready to take the next step. I am so grateful to Matt for helping me and laughing with me too. Sign up now to take the first step.