Can competitive athletes do this?

Author: Matt K Training |

Certainly. I have had (and still have) clients who were in the midst of preparing for an athletic event, and/or season who wanted to make sure they had the knowledge and guidance to fuel, prepare, and recover properly, so they can maximize their performance. Even so, athletes, just like anyone else, are just as interested, if not more, in improving and preserving their health. Eating habits are a large part of that.

Additionally, I am especially interested in folks who were once competitive athletes (say in high school or college) and after a long time, are trying to get back to where they can compete again. Why you ask? Because, I’ve been there and I know I can help you get back! (After 27 years away from baseball, I have now been playing the past six years in a competitive adult league, and it's one of the best things I’ve done.)